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The view from my office

By on Feb 8, 2013 in posts | 0 comments

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I have a nice view from my office. I can see what passes for a skyline in Atlanta, though thanks to a fortuitous alignment, our scattered skyline condenses into something much nicer. Look below. You can see the buildings of Atlanta. But what you’re seeing, ignoring the foreground building, is Buckhead, then Midtown, then Downtown in the distance. This was taken January 30, 2013.


A week later, February 6, 2013, we started the day with fog. At least they did in the place where the tall buildings live. Up in the suburbs, it was clear.


Same view, turned a bit to the east, with the sun reflecting off the fog and slowly burning it away.


And then there was today, February 8, 2013. As a massive winter storm rolled into Northeast, several days of overcast rolled out of Atlanta to the south. Abruptly. This stark line continued from horizon to horizon, and left behind a beautiful winter afternoon.



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